Meet Heather Criswell

I've never loved the question, "Who are you?"  We all have so many stories and experiences in life that make us who we are, that trying to sum it up in a blurb just doesn't do us justice. I can tell you what I am passionate about though, and I can tell you what I am proud of... 

I am a mother and I am a wife. I love my family fiercely. I'm also a business owner. I am an award winning author, and I have served and supported over 30,000 students in several capacities. Most importantly though, I am a reminder.


I was put on this earth to remind you of your greatness, remind you of your own purpose, and remind you how important that voice is, deep inside you. 

We need you right now!

What we are we are speaking to one another, it's not working.

We are falling short...and in a time where we are physically connected more than we have ever been, we are mentally and emotionally distant and it is breaking us

The stuff we've been taught DOES NOT WORK.

We are so busy listening to everyone else, that we have forgotten what it means to listen to ourselves. We have given away our power and it's time to take it back.

It's time to get what you are wanting... it's time to get what you are needing...from your family, your significant other, and from your coworkers.

Our words have power and our conversations matter. I will help you get back in touch with yourself so that you can stop with the expectations and instead be an inspiration. However you want to show up in this world, I am here to help.

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