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This is communication training that aligns with where we are in 2020. 

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did you know?

One of the top contributing factors of job satisfaction is good communication between employees and management. 

which leads to employee retention, innovation,

and a willingness from the employee to achieve company goals.

good communication can cultivate an open and creative work environment 

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Employee relations are a priority right now. We are struggling to connect with one another. We are struggling to hear one another, and we are struggling to adapt and grow. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we need to shake things up. We need new approaches to age old problems. 
Are you are ready to put people at the center of your business?  

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Conversations that connect, matter. 

                            -Heather Criswell

Communicate with clarity, intention, and honesty even in the most challenging, uncomfortable, and intimidating conversations.

Eliminate drama and gossip to cultivate a collaborative work environment that champions every individual.

Give authentic, high-quality, actionable feedback.

Instantly shift the energy in any environment to inspire collaboration and cooperation for all involved.

Lead with truth, compassion and heart to achieve desired results.

if everyone thinks the same, what's the point of a team?

This interactive course (that can be done live or virtually) teaches participants how to approach difficult conversations, give productive and consistent feedback and communicate effectively in any given circumstance.

I share a breadth of wisdom and story, based on personal experiences to inspire a conversation unique and specific to your company to achieve the desires your are looking for... not what you are wanting to learn, but how you're wanting to grow. 

If your employees or leadership teams are struggling with tough conversations...if you are struggling to create an environment where people feel empowered to share their thoughts and opinions, let's talk.

With dialogue comes new ideas...with new ideas comes progress...with porgress, comes innovation and with innovation comes growth, relevancy, and a company's ability to stand out from the pack. 


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