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A Reminder...You are Beautiful.

Sometimes we have special people in our lives that remind us how beautiful we are on the outside.

Sometimes we have a special person that reminds us of the beauty that lies within us.

We are really lucky to have that special someone that reminds us of our beauty on the outside AND the inside.

Christian Kaufman does exactly that. Every time I forget that I am beautiful on the outside (like letting my roots go for 6 months and covered in gray) he “reminds me” of how beautiful I am on the outside.

When I sit in his chair we spend 4 hours talking from the heart...growing and evolving with each other.

He reminds me how beautiful I am on the inside.

There are so many gifts he offers...but perhaps the biggest gift I get from him is the knowing that I am so loved in so many ways by so many people on and off this planet.

He’s amazing and a brother from another mother FOR SURE! 

Thank you Christian for being you and reminding me to shine bright! ✨🙏💞✨


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