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Hard Conversations Need Heart & Soul

This week has been a week of hard conversations...and it’s only Tuesday! 😂

Sometimes (most of the time) it takes courage to follow our soul and speak from our heart.  

I wanted to argue...I wanted to defend my position...I wanted everyone to KNOW I was right...I wanted to be in control.

But when I stopped and really asked myself “what am I wanting?” The only thing I really wanted was to be heard. 

I wanted to be heard.

The children have reminded me over and over and over again...the most effective way to be heard is to tap into my heart, feel the love, and speak from that space. 

I made a conscious effort this week to bring my heart to each difficult conversation and leave my head out of it. And when my head started screaming at me...I chose my heart. 

Every hard conversation was easier this week. I left every single one of them feeling heard. I knew I was successful. 

Not all of the conversations ended my way. 

But I was heard. And that actually brought me way more satisfaction. More happiness. More faith in people and humanity.

I always say to my little man, “who’s in charge..your heart or your head?” 

He always reminds me, “my hearts in charge!”

It felt good to have my heart run the show. I felt more authentic, more love, more understanding, more compassion, more humanity.

And it’s only Tuesday! 😂

P.S.- and then my family in all their spirit greatness gave me this license plate! I was reminded I’m never alone...always loved.

Thanks to you Miss Julie Kimock..thank you for speaking from your heart in everything you do! Thank you for hearing are a gift to us all!🙏💞🙏


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