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Learning How To Trust Your Gut, Embrace Inspired Action And Reconnect With Your Wisdom

Thank you Katie for having me join in the conversation Hustlenomics Podcast!! I so appreciate the opportunity to have conversations about business, life, intuition, and love!

Episode 47: Learning How To Trust Your Gut, Embrace Inspired Action And Reconnect With Your Wisdom

Trusting your gut when making decisions about your life and your business can be tough. How do you know it’s the right thing to do? What will happen if you make that decision? What consequences will come from that choice?

If you own a business of any kind, you’ve asked yourself these questions at some point. I know I have and that’s why I was so excited to talk with Heather Criswell, the founder of WiseInside. Heather’s philosophy is all about reconnecting with your inner wisdom and inner knowing and really learning how to trust your gut.

WiseInside’s message is that we can rise from any circumstance, we can love ourselves and each other through it and we can shine brighter than we ever imagined. I learned so much from talking with Heather and I know you will not only learn a lot but will be inspired by her story as well.

Allow Your Vision To Expand:

I really liked Heather's perspective when it comes to your brand and messaging changing as your business grows. She shared that she thinks about it as her vision for her business expanding instead of changing. It’s simply allowing more room for new things instead of abandoning your original message. This is a great way to approach change if you’re feeling nervous or hesitant about where your brand is going. Change is inevitable so don’t try to fight it. If what you’re putting out there is authentically you, then it’s ok if your messaging evolves. Your customers and clients will still be able to connect to it even when you pivot because you have made the effort to be transparent and authentic throughout.

Communication Is The Key To Connection:

According to Heather, having good communication is the key to having a good life. Whether in business, with your family or in other relationships, it’s so important that we are always striving for clear and compassionate communication. It’s easy to think that communicating over our computers or phones is effective, and sometimes it is. However, a lot can get lost in translation. Heather recommends that you really make an effort to communicate face to face as much as you can. Work remotely? Try video chatting instead of instant messaging or emails. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes when trying to get a point across or solve a problem when you actually have the person in front of you.

Rethink Your Vision Board:

When you hear about intentional living and the law of attraction, a lot of us picture material things like money, cars, vacations, houses and so on. That’s all great and it’s totally fine to want those things, however, Heather believes that if we focus too much of the material, then we shut ourselves off from things coming into our lives that we never imagined. To keep herself open to what she could accomplish and what the universe had in store, Heather focused more on who she was, not what she wanted. For example: I want to be powerful, I want to have a message, I want to change lives for the better, I want to have manful and lasting relationships. These are all things she wanted to manifest and she could do that without cutting off the possibility of other opportunities.


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