A “tool” for parents and a “game” for children, WiseTalk® for Families builds a communication lifeline that allows you and your child to connect in meaningful moments, share wisdom, and feel love. This game will transform your relationship in a matter of minutes. WiseTalk® connects your wisdom with words, so your child can know who you are, what matters to you, and how much you really love them.

WiseTalk for Families Game

  • How to Play:

    • Shake the box and pick a token.
    • Match the letter to the letter in the book.
    • Read the word and definition associated with the letter on the token.
    • Follow the Prompt: Ask the Wise Questions.
    • Follow the Prompt: Give Wise Advice.
    • Follow the Prompt: Share your own wisdom.


    These are the most important conversations you will have. They happen in a space of love and understanding, kids feel comfortable to open up.

    WiseTalk® has been used by countless families, especially during difficult times. It’s even been adopted by our military for deployed soldiers returning home and acclimating to family life.

    The cool thing about this game is it offers us a neutral, non-prying, natural way to connect. It gives our kids the opportunity to be “in charge” of the conversation and lead in a way that feels good to them.

    They will learn to celebrate their Greatness in the great times and remember their Greatness in the challenging times.

    They will recall the conversation you had with them about Intuition when they’re faced with getting in a car with friends that may have been drinking and it just doesn’t “feel right.” Or they’ll remember your talk about Being Brave when they’re walking through the school doors for the first time. All you’ll need to say is, “Remember when we talked about Being Brave?” They’ll know exactly how they can choose to feel and act.


    Share your stories of connection at love@wiseinside.com 

    Many thanks!  ~Heather