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If we can begin to allow ourselves, and others the ability to embrace who they are and WHY, we can begin to open ourselves up to dialogue and curiosity that could forever change the way we interact with one another. 

But here's where we go wrong...

diversity isn't just about age, gender, or skin color...

It's about our individual stories and our personal lived experiences.

is there a conversation you need to have that you are dreading?

Let's hop on a call and talk it through... once you get clarity on what you are wanting, even the most difficult conversations will feel manageable. 

NO ONE CAN ARGUE WITH YOUR TRUTH. Discover that, and the rest will come. Let me help you get there. 

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Why do conversations matter in your life?

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We are born knowing. Every two year old DEMANDS to get what they need. Our job isn't to take those skills away from our children, but to instead fine tune those skills we ALL were born with.



You don't have to move towards conflict, but you can stand in your power amidst conflict. Show up, knowing what I know while giving you an opportunity to share your perspective, but when and only when, I am clear on my own. 



You don't have to be assertive to be heard. You have to be clear to be heard. You have to be unwavering to be heard. Trust yourself, know your truth, and let that confidence guide your conversations with the people you work with. 


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