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how to have hard conversations
One conversation can change your life.

I help you have that conversation.

Transform your life through the power of your words.


Drawing from my extensive experience working with over 30,000 children, building and selling multiple businesses, and mentoring countless individuals, I've uncovered a truth: navigating difficult conversations can be effortless with the right approach.

I'm here to hand you the keys to empowerment through conversation.


Over three decades of relentless dedication and practice, I've honed techniques that can revolutionize any dialogue.


There's no magic spell for success, just clear-cut strategies that guarantee results, every single time.

Now, I'm excited to share these game-changing strategies and techniques with you.


Whether you're facing personal, professional, or community challenges, I'll guide you through with empowerment and crystal-clear clarity. Get ready to transform your conversations and your life

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Conversation Academy 

Welcome to an engaging podcast journey where we boldly explore the most challenging conversations life presents – from business and family to love, life, education, and spirituality.


Get ready for eye-opening insights, powerful energy alignment, and expert guidance on crafting conversations that deliver results.


Ready for a ride that promises clarity,

empowerment, and the secret sauce to getting what you want in every conversation?


Join us – it's not just a podcast; it's your roadmap to connection, every single time!"​

The Conversation Academy

Empowering All Ages in

Effective Communication

Our flagship program,

The Conversation Station,

is revolutionizing social-emotional learning in schools nationwide.


Witness the power of one conversation: bullying eradicated, classrooms fostering cooperation, and a culture of kindness thriving.


It's time to equip every student with the skills to change everything through conversation.



Join me on an empowering journey where we explore the transformative power of conversations that start in our children's schools, resonate in the boardrooms of businesses, and extend into the very fabric of our personal lives and connections beyond.


Through engaging storytelling and an exploration of diverse perspectives, I provide actionable strategies for mastering the art of conversation, ensuring that every interaction yields the desired outcome.


Prepare to witness firsthand how a single conversation has the power to revolutionize your world as we walk in another's shoes, gaining fresh insights to apply to our own lives.

Books | Meditations | Products

Crave better conversations?


My creations - books, games, meditations - propel you forward. Each infused with insights, strategies, empowering messages to master communication.


Unlock secrets to enrich relationships, foster growth. Ready for transformation?

Here's What People Are Saying

Heather helped me draft an email script for my boss asking for a 20k bonus, which he agreed to with no hesitation. She's a genius.

—Kristal Voigt

This is an incredibly unique and by far one of the best parenting books we have ever seen. It provides the reader with tools that can help make virtually any relationship work better.

Craig Wiesner

When Heather speaks, it sinks into your soul. Her passion captivated me, and her stories connected powerfully. 

—Adria DeCorte
Meet Heather Criswell

"Heather is not just an author, but a force of nature with two groundbreaking books under her belt: 'How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)' and 'Wise Talk from the Other Side'.


At the tender age of 21, Heather embarked on an extraordinary journey, founding a revolutionary school where children were not just educated, but truly empowered. Over her illustrious 35-year career, she has touched the lives of over 30,000 children, celebrating their uniqueness and nurturing their innate talents.


Driven by her passion for holistic well-being, Heather went on to establish a thriving wellness center before launching WiseInside, a pioneering venture dedicated to unlocking the boundless wisdom and love within us all.


Today, as the founder of The Conversation Academy, Heather's impact extends far beyond the pages of her books and the walls of her school. As a sought-after conversation coach, speaker, and trainer, she equips schools, individuals and leaders with the tools to navigate difficult conversations with grace and ease, eradicating conflict and fostering understanding in any setting.


For Heather, conversations aren't just exchanges of words – they're transformative acts of love that have the power to reshape lives and communities. With her unwavering belief in the potency of love-infused dialogue, Heather is on a mission to change the world, one conversation at a time."

Click here to book Heather for educational consulting, corporate training, workshops, coaching, or speaking events. 

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