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Conversations Matter with Heather Criswell

Meet Heather

You landed here for a reason. 

You have gifts that are unique and specific to you,

and only you.


We need your gifts now, more than ever. 

I'm here to help you:

  • tap into your gifts

  • identify your wants and needs 

  • express them with power and grace 

  • get the results you desire, here and now


I'm rooting for you, all-ways.



Conversations Matter Workshop

Cutting edge training designed for companies seeking communication, connection and cooperation.

This interactive course teaches participants how to approach difficult conversations, give productive and consistent feedback, and communicate effectively in any given circumstance.

Communicate with clarity, intention and honesty in even the most challenging, uncomfortable and intimidating conversations.

Eliminate drama and gossip to cultivate a collaborative work environment that champions every individual.

Give honest, high- quality, actionable feedback.

Instantly shift the energy in any environment to inspire collaboration and cooperation for all involved.

Conduct a one-on-one with truth, compassion and heart to achieve 

desired results.


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