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how to have hard conversations
One Conversation
Can Change Your Life.

I help you communicate clearly and

get what you want in any conversation,

personally or professionally, 

when you don't know what to say or how to say it.

Do you need help having a difficult conversation with someone?

When you change your words, you change your life.

What I've discovered after working with over 30,000 children, building and selling mulitple businesses and mentoring thousands is that having difficult conversations can be easy when you know what to do. 

I will hand you the keys to the most empowering conversations you can have. 
conversation coach

Over the past 30 years (and lots of practice) I have mastered techniques that will change the trajectory of any conversation. There's not a magic formula to a successful conversation. There are clear strategies that will help you get the results you want every single time. 

I'm here to share these strategies and techniques with you. 

Whether you need
help personally, professionally, or in your community, I will coach you through the most difficult or challenging conversations with empowerment and clarity. 

Conversations I Can Help You Navigate 

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Family | Friends | Children
You want to...
  • end a relationship

  • explain divorce to your children

  • tell a family member you don't want them to join you for the holidays or a vacation

  • end a friendship

  • explain death and transition

  • talk about illness in the family

  • diffuse disruptive emotional outbursts and patterns in the family

  • address family disagreements that have lingered too long

  • discuss life-changing event or trauma

  • address financial disputes with family or friends

Managers | Co-Workers | Employees
You want to...
  • ask for a raise or promotion

  • address an issue with a co-worker

  • to fire or layoff an employee

  • end a business partnership

  • to take corrective action with an employee

  • resolve conflict with customers or suppliers

  • discuss difficult performance reviews

  • communicate difficult topics within your organization

  • address serious misconduct

  • negotiate business contracts

  • communicate tough business decisions

School | Community | Government
You want to...
  • have productive meetings with school administration and teachers

  • share at townhall meetings on a topic you care about

  • craft a message that will make a political impact on the local, state or national level

  • mediate a productive conversation with diverse communities or stakeholders

  • facilitate conversations with conflicting stakeholders in the community

  • craft a message that will build community support on a topic you care about

If you need help in your corporation, business, or simply have a bigger project in mind, please contact me below so we can help you get exactly what you desire.

Connect With Me

After coaching thousands of people through challenging conversations, I know that people want connection especially when it's difficult.

Conflict and misunderstandings are simply a breakdown in communication. 

When we reconnect to our own true desires, align our energy and speak with specific intention, we are seen, heard, and understood. I help you craft a conversation where you master your words and energy so you get everything you want. 

communication coaching
Podcast Mock Up.png

Is there a conversation you want to have but don't know what to say or how to say it? Not sure if you should have this conversation in person, over the phone, email or text? Struggling to muster the courage, clarity, or right state of mind?

In this podcast we dive deep into the most challenging conversations on business, family, love, life and the Divine to help you gain clarity, align your energy, and design the conversation and words to get what you want. Every. Single. Time. 

Conversations Matter. One conversation can change your life.

Conversations Matter

Sometimes we need support and tools to help us have better conversations with ourselves and each other.  

That's why I have created books, games and mediations to guide you along the way.

Each product offers insights, strategies, and messages to help you master the relationship with yourself and others in your life. 

Books | Meditations | Products
Communication Tools & Products
Here's What People Are Saying

Heather helped me draft an email script for my boss asking for a 20k bonus, which he agreed to with no hesitation. She's a genius.

—Kristal Voigt

This is an incredibly unique and by far one of the best parenting books we have ever seen. It provides the reader with tools that can help make virtually any relationship work better.

Craig Wiesner

When Heather speaks, it sinks into your soul. Her passion captivated me, and her stories connected powerfully. 

—Adria DeCorte
Meet Heather Criswell

Heather the author of two books, How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too) and Wise Talk from the Other Side.


At the age of 21 she opened her one-of-a-kind school where children were empowered, celebrated for their unique gifts, taught how to share those gifts with the world, and loved simply because they were born. Heather has worked with over 30,000 children in her 35 year career.


Since then, she opened a holistic wellness center and later created WiseInside, a company providing tools to remind us of the wisdom and love that lives in each and every one of us. 


Now, as conversation coach, speaker and trainer she helps people and leaders find the words to have hard conversations with ease and grace so that they can dissolve conflict and eliminate miscommunication in any circumstance.


She believes conversations matter and conversations rooted in love change everything.

Click here to book Heather for corporate training, workshops, coaching, or speaking events. 

Conversations Matter.jpg

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