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Master Your Conversations

Elevate your conversations with our innovative creations!


From immersive books to engaging games and transformative meditations, our dynamic toolkit is designed to propel you forward on your journey of personal growth and communication mastery.


Infused with powerful insights and empowering messages, each product is crafted to enrich your relationships and unlock the secrets to effective communication

How to Raise a Happy Child

(and be happy too)

Unlock the power of effective communication with the tools within these pages!


Discover countless strategies to foster cooperation in every scenario.


With proven scripts that have positively impacted thousands of children, you'll have the confidence to guide your child back to their best self whenever they need a gentle reminder.

How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too) | Heather Criswell & Taryn Voget
Wise Talk for Families | Heather Criswell

Wise Talk for Families Game

Unlock the communication you crave with ease and excitement!


Say goodbye to mundane questions like 'How was your day?' and dive into a game that sparks meaningful conversations.


Discover the art of engaging with your child, confidently navigating even the toughest topics, and empowering them to thrive as their best selves.

Wise Talk from the Other Side

Wise Talk from the Other Side | Heather Criswell

Embark on an unforgettable journey with this book - it's a rollercoaster of emotions from death to laughter, grief to hope, always culminating in love.


Discover the endless possibilities for love in every experience, awaken your inner wisdom, and be inspired to embrace the boundless love that surrounds you in both this world and beyond

Wise Talk for Teachers

Experience a classroom transformation in mere minutes!


Witness compassion and cohesiveness thrive as you introduce the game that's guaranteed to enhance communication and ensure every student feels valued and heard.

Wise Talk for Teachers

Bedtime Meditation

Transform bedtime into a tranquil ritual with our enchanting 5-minute audio!


Let this harmonious soundtrack envelop your child (and you) in a warm embrace of love.


Designed to gently lull your child into a restful sleep, it serves as a comforting reminder of the boundless love they've felt all day and reinforces their immeasurable worth.

Children's Bedtime Meditation

Here's What People Are Saying


Craig Wiesner
co-founder of Reach & Teach

This is an incredibly unique and by far one of the best parenting books we've ever seen.

It will not only teach parents and any adult that works with children healthy and effective ways to create a more peaceful, happy, and cooperative experience with children, but it will also provide the reader with tools that can help make virtually any relationship work better.


Sue Fullmer
Family & Consumer Science Child Development

The students played the WiseTalk game and it was amazing how it opened them up to share and own their feelings.  


For teenagers, this was a small miracle. 


Parent from Hawaii 

Hi Heather, I have read your book and find the information very valuable.


I have an eight year old and since I started using your findings based upon experience and a higher source of intuition, my house has become much more peaceful.


We need people like you to turn our antiquated education system around. 

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