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Heather Criswell
Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur | Educator

Join me on an exciting journey where we'll explore the transformative power of conversations, from classrooms to boardrooms and beyond.


Through engaging storytelling, we'll delve into diverse perspectives, sparking empathy and compassion along the way.


Together, we'll unlock the potential of meaningful conversations, igniting personal empowerment and revolutionizing our world, one conversation at a time!

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Adria DeCorte, 
Message Clarity Coach

When Heather speaks, it sinks into your soul. Her passion captivated me, and her stories connected powerfully. She made me feel like I was in a safe place and inspired me to open my heart and embrace the children in my life without judgement.

Alexia Vernon,

Founder and Director of Influencer Academy

Heather is a soul-stirring, transformational speaker and thought leader. When Heather speaks, people listen--deeply, with their whole selves -because  she speaks with passion, wit, and vulnerability. If you need a speaker who can light up an audience AND give them tangible tools to implement immediately, book this woman!

Signature Keynote

Conversational Mastery:

A Journey Within Before Speaking Out

In this talk, we unravel the transformative power of introspection before engaging in dialogue.


Discover the three guiding questions that unlock the answers we need for the most empowered conversations.

Learn why every impactful conversation commences with a dialogue with yourself, exploring your needs, wants, and desires.


Unveil the art of rehearsing and aligning your thoughts before sharing them with others.


Join us as we delve into the profound concept that when we honor our inner dialogue, we gain the ability to achieve what we want in any conversation, every single time.


This talk is your roadmap to mastering conversations from the inside out.


Signature Keynote

We Need More Than Acts:
Cultivating a Culture of Kindness in our Schools

Imagine a lively classroom buzzing with kids, where every conversation and interaction creates a ripple of kindness.

That's what 'We Need More Than Acts: Cultivating a Culture of Kindness' is all about – it's not just about isolated acts of kindness, but about fostering a whole environment of empathy and caring through everyday conversations.

It's about schools nurturing an atmosphere where kids naturally look out for each other, where they learn to communicate with compassion and understanding.

Because when kids talk and listen to each other with kindness, they're not just building friends
hips –
they're cultivating a culture where empathy and compassion thrive, defining the essence of their educational and life experience."

Thank you for the opportunity to shine with you and for you.

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Invite me to speak at your school, business, or community event and let's ignite inspiration and empowerment together.

With engaging storytelling and actionable strategies, I'll guide your audience towards transformative conversations and lasting change.

Let's create an unforgettable experience that sparks growth and connection in your community!

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