Moments shared matter.

Life gives us the best stories in the most ordinary moments. Every story gives us the opportunity to have a conversation that matters. And when we have conversations rooted in love, everything changes. 


I'm here to observe the ordinary moments, tell the story, and inspire conversations that literally change the world.

"I’m here to speak about what's important to you, so you walk away, not with my wisdom, but reconnected to your own wisdom."     ~Heather Criswell

Conversations Matter 

In Business & Life 

I share a breadth of wisdom and story based on personal experiences to inspire a conversation unique and specific to your company to achieve the desires your are looking for... not what you are wanting to learn, but how you're wanting to grow. 

I want to know what's important to you so we can carve a path together to your most empowered self in business and life.

Realign with your own wisdom to make empowered decisions that get the results you desire in business and life. Every. Single. Time.

Communicate in power, from a space of true confidence and authenticity (regardless of others' opinions), so you can move forward with clarity, inspired action and grace. 

Witness the ordinary moments in your life, and see the wisdom in each and every one of them.

Thank you for the opportunity to shine with you and for you.

Lisa Ferrell

Heathers content is refreshing, relevant and her passion engages you right away. The audience was on the edge of their seats from start to finish waiting to hear what she had to say next. You get tremendous amounts of value to take away. You have to experience Heather for yourself. Book her today.

Adria DeCorte

When Heather speaks, it sinks into your soul. Her passion captivated me, and her stories connected powerfully. She made me feel like I was in a safe place and inspired me to open my heart and embrace the children in my life without judgement.

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